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Our proprietary hypochlorous solution is a gentle and toxin free anti-bacterial spray with healing and anti-irritation properties. This innovative proprietary hypochlorous acid spray is perfect for deep cleaning around your eyes, and is a great solution for blepharitis treatment, meibomian gland dysfunction, dry/irritated eyes, itchy skin, eyelid bumps, and cleaning eye lash extensions.


  • Soothe irritated eyes and itchy, dry inflamed skin conditions
  • Naturally support body's healing capacity
  • Natural antibacterial solution
  • Designed to be gentle on the skin



On top of having many amazing ocular applications, hypochlorous solution is ideal for any type of disinfecting and sanitizing you can imagine. The combination of being a non-toxic, chemical free formula - gentle and non-irritating - PLUS widely researched and proven to be highly effective at killing bacteria, fungi, and viruses make hypochlorous solution ideal for:


  • Body Sanitizer - Great for cleaning scrapes and cuts. Can be used to disinfect the bottom of shoes. Safe for the entire family to use and touch, even safe for your pets!
  • Hand Sanitizers - Will not dry out your hands with continued use. Many hand sanitizers are highly toxic which is ironic, dangerous, and flat out ethically irresponsible! Please read this article: 50+ Hand Sanitizers on the Market Recalled by FDA(, July 2020) 
  • Antimicrobial Face Mist - Safe to use consistently on sensitive areas including around the mouth, nose, ears and eyes. Can even be used to disinfect toothbrushes and combat bad breath!
  • Clean Produce - Spray your produce from the store when you get home, and soak in cool water for 10-15 minutes for cleaner, healthier produce. 
  • Killing Mold - Use to kill mold around the house, and safe to use on plants
  • Cleaning Surfaces
    • Toys - Kills 99.9% of germs and is safe for kids to touch, and non toxic if accidentally ingested.
    • Pacifiers
    • Computer Key Boards
    • Phones
    • Door Knobs
    • Steering Wheel
    • Grocery Cart Handles


Hypochlorous acid, unlike chlorine bleach, is 100% safe and non-irritant. If it gets on your skin or in your eyes, it will not burn. Even if it were accidentally ingested, it is completely harmless. Yet, it is 70-80 times more efficient at killing microbial pathogens than chlorine bleach. 


  • Medical Grade HOCI
  • Non-Toxic
  • Green Technology
  • Kills 99.999% of germs
  • A powerful oxidant that is effective against invading bacteria, fungi, and viruses
  • Commonly used in healthcare, food safety, water treatment, and general sanitation


Suggested Ocular Use: Remove contact lenses prior to use. Spray 1-2 pumps onto cotton pad and gently rub, back and forth along eyelid margin or irritated area. No need to wash off after use. For topical use only. Repeat morning and evening. For best results, only use within 3 months after first use. Safe for all ages.


FOR EYELASH EXTENSIONS: Remove contact lenses prior to use. Spray 1-2 pumps onto Eyelid Margin Cleansing Brush and gently rub along eyelid margin back and forth. No need to wash off after use. This product is oil-free.

Hypochlorous Solution 0.02% Face, Body & Hand Sanitizing Spray

  • Hypochlorous Acid (HOCl) 0.02%, Electrolyzed Water (H20), Sodium Chloride (NaCl)

    100% ORGANIC, 100% VEGAN, 100% ALL-NATURAL SUPPORT FOR YOUR SKIN - Alcohol free, fragrance free, no parabens, no sulfates, and preservative free. This hypoallergenic diluted Hypochlorous Acid formula is designed to be gentle on your skin.

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