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Nurturing The Soul's Organic Cleansing Oil for lids, brows and lashes gently removes bacteria, allergens, greasy debris and controls demodex without the harmful toxins in most of today's beauty products.


This product is recommended for people with itchy, dry eyes or blepharitis symptoms, all while still removing eye makeup and moisturizing skin.


Can also be used on entire face to help fight bacteria that causes acne, and beneficial for the reduction of ocular and facial rosasea.


Directions: With clean hands, dispense 2 sprays of cleansing oil into palms. Rub hands together and gently massage oil onto closed eyes and eyebrows in a circular motion. Leave oil to soak in for maximum benefits. Use morning and evening. For external use only.


Ideal For:

  • People diagnosed with blepharitis
  • The feeling of dry & itchy eyelids and eyelid margins
  • Moisturizing dry eyelids
  • Preventing morning eye crusts
  • Reducing bumps on eyelid margins
  • Preventing stye growth on eyelids

Organic Cleansing Oil for Eyelids & face 1oz